Genevieve Vinson, who goes by Viv, has a wide range of hobbies and interests. An accomplished horseback rider, runner, and fencer, Viv enjoys participating in polo matches and modern pentathlons. Her many medals are a testament that she can excel at whatever she puts her mind to. Viv is majoring in governing and diplomatics. Coming from a long line of Elden politicians, Viv plans to return to her hometown of Buckfield, England to carry on the family tradition.

Penelope Solares, also known as Piper, is an outgoing Fairy that loves to travel and meet new people. She can always be counted on to break the ice and befriend anyone. She plans to utilize her social skills as a business owner. Piper is majoring in evalumetrics so she can start her own company procuring and distributing rare and valuable magical items. For her senior project, she plans to travel to the Americas to study new spell ingredients being discovered the new world.  While Piper plans to establish her company near her family home in Catalonia, she hopes her job will take her many places around the world.

Luke Warwick is technically a Werewolf and figuratively a night owl. Often up all night, Luke has developed a passion for stargazing, which led to him major in monstering and specialize in nocturnal animals. For his senior thesis, he plans to research how star and planetary systems affect nocturnal animals. Although born in Iceland, Luke grew up in Hunden, Germany which is within the black forest. Luke hopes to return to the area to work with monsters native to the region.

Maya Moirai has always had an affinity for the arts and is a talented pastel painter. Hailing from Florence, Maya enjoys painting landscapes of her Tuscan homeland. But now that she is at Sapience, she plans to start painting much more wintery scenes. Her nimble painter’s hands will no doubt come in handy for her future career as an orthopedic surgeon. Maya is majoring in mediatrics and specializing in surgery.

Nigel Vinson is an avid gardener and enjoys experimenting with potions to create one-of-a-kind plants. Many of the plants he has created have been added to the Blattford Seed Database. Nigel’s interest in plant experimentation led him to pursue dual majors in spellsearching and weather whispering. After graduation, he hopes to work at a university as a professor.

Faye Tilerya is a sweet, soft-spoken Mere that enjoys reading books in a variety of languages. A linguistic savant, she is fluent in Greek, Spanish, French, English, German, and Russian. Faye enjoys experiencing the beauty of all languages and cultures – both human and Spirit. Her thoughtful nature makes her well suited for her chosen major, mediatrics with a minor in apothocology. She enjoys caring for people and hopes to become a physician at Merona Hospital.

Alfred Mergen, who goes by Freddie, grew up on the island of Sicily. As a young boy, enjoyed watching Mistico’s beautiful ships sail along the horizon and imagined the many adventures the ships would have. Since then, he has always dreamed of becoming a Mistico Marshal. With a major in marshallment and a minor in sea monstering, Freddie hopes to be the captain of a Mistico ship patrolling the waters of the Mediterranean.

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