Every morning, we offer a wide variety of fruits, breads, cereals, yogurts, crepes, juices and coffee beverages. Eggs and oysters can be made fried, brewed, scrambled or poached. Crepes and waffles are available on weekends. In addition to all breakfast staples, we also create species-specific favorites, such as honeycomb toast, goatmeal, sweetened milkmelts and ginger flakes.


At lunch, we provide a large offering of  breads, meats, cheeses, vegetables, pickles, and sauces so students can make any type of sandwich they like. The most popular sandwiches (bacon-lettuce-truffle, squidpepper, etc.) are offered pre-assembled. During warm weather, we offer salads. During winter, we offer hot soups served with crickets and crackers. Snacks include pumpkin chips, kelp crunch, and larva puffs.

Dinner & Dessert

For dinner, we select entrees to suit every Spirit taste. For Elves, we offer prickly porridge, bubble-and-squeak, and a variety of savory pies. For Fairs, we provide insect paella and seed salads. Meres will find dinners featuring fish and mollusks. For Weres, we provide seasonal game including boar, venison, and hare. Our wide range of sides include roasted vegetables, rices and rolls. For dessert, we offer pies, cakes, tarts, chocolate cauldrons, midnight malts, punch potions, and seafoam sodas.

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