A castle. A war. A battlefield of undead. Magic and mystery. Potions and poison. Escapes. Lies. Theft and torture. Beautiful fairies. Courageous werewolves. Evil gnomes and lost giants. Death and disguises. Strange professors. Love. Hatred. Mermaids in danger. And elves with secret passions. This is Sapience.

Spirits of Sapience:


In 1948, humans are not the only ones recovering from a devastating war. A decade-long conflict has shattered the Spirit world. Now, the magical inhabitants of Sapience University must reckon with the aftereffects of war. Yet there is something unusual about Sapience. It is a dark, isolated castle that has stood empty for years. It is scarred from the many battles that occurred there. Now, it is being reopened to integrate Spirits of all species – and even those in between. However, danger lurks around the school. The castle has just as many secrets as its students.


ISBN 978-0-578-91849-5



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Specters of Sapience:


In the second installment of the Sapience Novella Series, serious repercussions await those that participated in the theft of visember, the extraordinary ingredient required to resurrect Lifeless. The Gnomes are furious that their archenemies are being brought back to life. Against all odds, a Lifeless is resurrected, but the Gnomes are willing to do anything to send him back to his grave. When everyone returns to Sapience University for the winter semester, some students seem eerily different. Students continue their magical studies unaware that enemies walk among them. However, it won’t be long until the enemy strikes and sends the school back into chaos.


ISBN 978-0-578-35862-8



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